Summertime Car Heat Dangers in New York

Whether you head across town for a block party or out to the country for a weekend getaway, there are endless possibilities for anyone to make a car trip to enjoy New York life.

However, it’s important to remember that summertime car trips mean summertime car heat. While hot cars are uncomfortable for adults, they can mean serious harm for children and pets. A few minutes of summer heat inside a car—even with the windows “cracked”—poses a health risk to your most vulnerable passengers.

We’ve created the following infographic to provide New York residents information on how to protect their loved ones from heat inside the car and tips on what to do if you come across another vehicle where children or pets are suffering from car heat.

Nothing ruins a summer day like realizing your loved one has suffered injury from car heat. Don’t take a chance—follow the tips below to keep your kids and furry friends happy and safe during New York’s sunny season.


Dangerous Car Heat New York

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