$225,000 Insurance Policy Pays Just $6,344 to Devastated Hurricane Sandy Homeowners

Susan and Ahmad Sharif had planned to retire to their beachfront cottage in Brick, N.J. — until Hurricane Sandy devastated the home, knocking it of its foundation.

Like most responsible homeowners would, they turned to their insurer, Paramount, for help. The home was covered for $175,000, and its contents for $50,000, according to a recent article in The Star-Ledger. The Sharifs had a hardship on their hands, but it looked like it’d be taken care of.

Until Paramount paid them just $6,343.68 for the damage.

Bad Faith?

According to Paramount, the Sharifs weren’t insured for flood damage, despite their claims otherwise. The sum they were paid — small compared to the value of their beachfront cottage — was for siding damaged by wind.

“I 100 percent thought that I had flood insurance,” Susan Sharif told The Star Ledger. “My house is 20 feet from the water. Why would I not have flood insurance?”

The Sharifs are far from the only people finding their livelihoods at the whim of their insurance company in the wake of the most devastating storm to hit the New York/New Jersey region in any of our lifetimes. And many homeowners and business owners are finding they picked the wrong company to count on in a time of need. (See this man’s story here.)

Fortunately, many of these people – including the Sharifs – are taking action. The Sharifs are among hundreds, if not thousands, of policy holders who have filed lawsuits against their insurer looking for the coverage they believe they are entitled to and have paid for.

Get Legal Help

The Sharifs have filed a lawsuit not only against Paramount, but against the broker who sold them their insurance as well. The couple insists they asked for full coverage and were never told or advised to get flood insurance. They thought they had it.

The attorneys at The Oshman Firm are committed to helping homeowners and business owners in New York and New Jersey who are battling their insurance company to recoup the losses from this devastating storm.  Contact us today to speak with one of our attorneys about your situation. Consultations are free and without obligation.


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