Medical Malpractice

$42,000,000 – Medical Malpractice – Cerebral Palsy

Defendants failed to properly monitor the progress of plaintiff’s labor including: not performing follow-up internal examinations; not augmenting labor with pitocin; failing to accurately interpret fetal heart monitor strips; failing to diagnos... Read More

$22,500,000 – Brain Injury – Manhattan, New York

Plaintiff suffered brain damage as a result of a hypoxic event which occured after cardiac surgery. While in the hospital neonatal unit, a nurse improperly positioned an intubation tube. This resulted in decreased oxygenation to the brain and cerebra... Read More

$10,500,000 – Cerebral Palsy Case in Staten Island

Child suffered severe brain damage as a result of medical malpractice which occurred during prenatal care. Physician noted in chart the likelihood of pre-mature birth, yet no treatment was rendered to the mother prior to delivery. Case was tried by c... Read More
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Personal Injury

$5,900,000 – Bronx Automobile Accident Settlement

The plaintiff was a 12 year-old passenger in an automobile involved in a highway accident with a truck. She sustained a spinal cord injury, an L1 and L2 lumbar vertebral fracture dislocation requiring a successful posterior spine fusion and bone graf... Read More

$4,050,000 – Spinal Cord Injury Due Roadway Injury

Plaintiff was a passenger in a van when the driver of the vehicle lost control, striking a series of fixed objects, due to an improperly designed and constructed roadway. The plaintiff sustained a spinal cord injury and partial paralysis. The settlem... Read More
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Toxic Torts

$790,000 – Lead Exposure

$790,000 – Lead Exposure. Infant plaintiff who resided in apartment for approximately four years developed blood-lead levels consistently measuring in the mid twenties. His parents noted behavioral issues as a toddler and he was diagnosed with ... Read More
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