depuy hip replacement lawyerDePuy Orthopedics, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson Company, is under investigation for a recalled hip replacement device called the ASR Hip System. Patients have experienced side effects that stem from the shards of metal in the implant damaging the soft tissues surrounding the hip, as well as the implant dislocating completely. The metal is made out of cobalt and chromium, which may prove to be extremely dangerous and even carcinogenic. Because patients are suffering from a defective device, they will have to undergo revision surgery or even be fitted with an alternate hip implant in order to heal.

No Warning

Actions from DePuy as early as December 2009 clearly prove that the company knew their product was defective, yet a recall was not issued until August 26, 2010. The ASR hip replacement was pulled from the Australian market in 2009, and DePuy admitted to having discussed removal from the global market by 2010. However, instead of issuing a recall immediately, they quietly pulled their product from the shelves without notifying the public.

When questioned, DePuy stated that their actions were due to slow sales, not a malfunctioning implant. Only in March 2010 did they send a letter to doctors warning of the dangers and failure rates associated with the device. However, since DePuy did not take immediate action, patients continued to be fitted with defective hip implants, and now 93,000 people are suffering due to DePuy’s negligence and failure to warn the public.


A hip implant failure can be extremely painful. The patient may have trouble walking due to a swollen hip. Inflammatory reactions may even cause permanent damage to muscles and tissues surrounding the implant. In many cases, a patient will have to undergo a revision surgery to replace the hip implant.

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