Thank you for choosing The Oshman Firm as your advocate and legal counsel. We appreciate the trust you have placed in our ability to represent you or a loved one, and we hope that you were satisfied and would hire us in the future.

Today businesses are often selected based on online reviews; if you are 100% satisfied with your experience hiring our firm would you be kind enough to share part of your experience with someone else who may one day be in need?

The details of your case will remain confidential, so it is best to not share specifics. However, if you feel like sharing the type of case you had, what area of town you are from, and why you are satisfied, others in need will likely find your experience helpful and maybe even comforting to know another individual has walked in their shoes.

Several former (and repeat clients) have shared about our ability and a broad overview of a recovery that made their life easier. Many appreciated our communication, that our hours were flexible enough to meet their needs, or raved about our staff’s abilities and friendliness.

By letting us know your perspective, we can also better improve our services. So, go ahead and please be honest!

Popular types of reviews we receive come from:

  • Clients – those we have worked with commonly express gratitude towards the process and outcome of their case.
  • Friends or family of clients – at times the victim is not comfortable or capable of leaving reviews. In this case, we welcome reviews from friends and family to share stories and outcomes.

Below are direct links to review websites, starting with our most preferred.



Sample Reviews – Something to help you get started!

“From my first time calling The Oshman Firm, I knew I had found the right firm for me. The lawyer answered all my questions and guided me step by step through the process, taking the worry off my shoulders and bearing it themselves. ”


“The Oshman Firm went above and beyond with helping me with my personal injury case getting approved. They walked me through the whole process, which is quite complicated…”


“The Oshman Firm treated my wife wonderfully. She made a phone call. She didn’t have to worry about anything. Her medical bills were taken care of and we received an outstanding settlement!”

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What if I don’t have a Yelp, Facebook or Yellow Pages Account?
A: Creating an account is easy and free. Simply create a username and password and you can leave a review.
Q: Can I leave multiple reviews?
A: Yes please! If you have access to the accounts, you may write reviews for Google, Avvo, Yahoo!, and any others if you wish!
Q: Is my personal information displayed?
A: No. Most sites only post the first name of those submitting reviews. And we encourage you to not give specific details of your case. You may state if it was an auto accident, medical malpractice, or workers compensation case, and how you feel you were represented, and if the outcome you were satisfied with
Q: Can anyone write a review?
A: Yes, you may. We encourage feedback from our individual clients, as well as friends and family who have worked in some way with our firm.
Q: Can I leave the firm a testimonial in another way?
A: Absolutely, if you would like to write us a testimonial we may place on the website, we would be very grateful.



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