Distracted Driving: A Problem for All Ages

Warmer weather and the official start of baseball season are just two things that make April an exciting month. But were you aware that April is also Distracted Driving Awareness Month?

According to DistractedDrivingAccidents.com, one out of four car accidents in the United States occurs from texting while driving. Though millennials and young drivers are often blamed for being irresponsible behind the wheel, adults too, are part of the problem.

The Pew Research Center revealed that almost half of American adult drivers (47 percent) have sent or received a text message while driving, while one in three (34 percent) American teenage drivers have admitted to texting while driving.

Pointing the finger at just one age group wouldn’t be fair; every driver could afford to learn a few distracted driving prevention tips.

Most Common Distractions On The Road

It should come as no great surprise that distracted driving isn’t limited to texting while driving. Cell phone use may be one of the most common causes, but there are many others that are just as distracting, such as:

  • Talking/Interacting with other occupants in the vehicle
  • Not paying proper attention to the road (i.e. looking at an collision or map)texting while driving is a clear sign of distracted driving
  • Adjusting the vehicle’s controls (i.e. radio, windows, heat or air condition)

Watch For Signs Of Other Distracted Drivers

You are not responsible for another driver’s actions on the road. However, for your own safety, it’s important to be able to identify other distracted drivers and such drivers or report them to authorities.

Signs of distracted driving include:

  • Speeding
  • Swerving
  • Frequently looking down (into a cell phone)
  • Irregular breaking patterns
  • Coming close to hitting another car or object

Helpful Ways to Help End Distracted Driving

Now that we’ve defined what constitutes “distracted driving,” here are some tips to help prevent it.

Apps themselves can be distracting – but did you know there are certain ones that can help promote safe driving habits? Yes, there’s an app for that!

In fact, there are several apps you can download that will help you stay off your phone while driving.

Safe Driving Apps

  • Drive Smart is an app that will inform you how good of a driver you are, as it tracks your performance, alerting you of bad habits and how to correct them. You can even earn “smart coins,” and later exchange them for rewards.
  • Safe Drive also allows you to earn points for driving responsibly, specifically for not texting while driving. These points can then be exchanged for products in the Safe Drive Marketplace. Do you have a competitive side? You can compete with other Safe Drive drivers to see who earns the most rewards.
  • Ever Drive gives drivers feedback on how to become better, safer drivers. The app analyzes your trips and techniques, using your phone’s sensors to measure your performance. The app also automatically detects when you begin and stop driving.

When it comes to distracted driving prevention, apps like these can be fun ways to develop better driving habits. At the end of the day, it is still our responsibility to prevent crashes from distracted driving.

Safe Driving Habits

The best tip to consider is also one of the simplest: Every time you get behind the wheel, give your full attention to the road. Refuse to become distracted by a cell phone, passenger or surrounding interruption.

Distractions cause accidents, which can then lead to injuries and other consequences.

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