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i define me- josh blue


Comedian Josh Blue, our “I Define Me” award winner for this month, manages to get laughs out of even the most mundane tasks.

Like volunteering at a zoo, for instance, where he locked himself in an empty animal exhibit for eight hours and accepted the curiosity (and the peanuts thrown to him) from a bewildered but entertained crowd.

Or creating fine art paintings and sculptures in his spare time. When asked how he prices his art for sale, he answered that he demands a hefty price tag—“I nearly died making it,” he explained.

Or signing an autograph—an activity that is growing ever more frequent for Blue, as his list of credits as a comedian, actor and athlete continue to grow. Signing his name, he says, takes him at least 45 minutes and “a big ol’ stack of paper.”


‘I’ll Beat You at Anything’

In the midst of an insanely busy schedule of shows and appearances, Josh graciously took the time to answer a few questions for us. Naturally, he answered them in the voice that comes most naturally to him—that of a born comedian.

Your friends talked you into trying out a stand-up act in college. Had you ever thought about it before as a possibility?

Yeah, I got it in my head somewhere along the way. I think I first started thinking about pursuing it while I was in high school.

Were there comedians you looked up to in your early years of comedy? Are there any stand-up acts that you studied?

Chris Rock has always been my favorite. I’m also a huge fan of Mitch Hedberg.

Pretty much every stand-up comedian struggles out of the gate. Was there another occupation you considered if the comedy didnt work out?

Porn… or a park ranger… something in nature.

Are you competitive by nature? Does winning or losing a soccer match affect your mood drastically?

Yes, very competitive. I’ll beat you at anything.

When you first started dating your wife, do you think she was more impressed by your skills on the soccer field or by your on-stage comedy?

I don’t think she was impressed by either.

What was the Last Comic Standing experience like? Was it mostly fun or were you stressed and anxious most of the time?

I had a blast. There were a few stressful moments, but it was a blast.

When you know youre recording a routine for a special (Comedy Central / Showtime), is there added pressure or do you treat it like any other gig?

I try to look at it like any other gig; of course, there’s always more pressure. The truth of the matter is, it is any other gig.

Whats next for Josh Blue? Any upcoming projects youre working on?

Working on my upcoming special and probably the star of a big movie or something.

About I Define Me

The Oshman Firm created the I Define Me award as a way to share inspiring stories involving people afflicted with cerebral palsy. If you know someone who should be highlighted, please let us know.

Photo credit: “Josh Blue.” Bryce Boyer, for Comedy Works. Josh Blue by Bryce Boyer. CC BY 3.0.

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