Taxi Accidents: 3 Things Victims Should Know

New York City taxis - taxi accidentFor those who have lived in New York City for any length of time, the iconic NYC yellow cab becomes an ominous sight. Urban pedestrians are constantly confronted with the need to dash out of the way of an oncoming taxi. Long-time New Yorkers take it as a matter of course — just as people in Los Angeles have to endure earthquakes, and those in Nashville have to live with country music, oncoming taxis are just one of the inconveniences that you endure for the experience of living in the Big Apple.

The difference, of course, is that taxis are not quite the same as geological or cultural conditions. A rogue cab is the result of an aggressive, irresponsible driver. And when that results in an accident or injury, it can’t simply be chalked up to “the way things are.”

Urban pedestrians are not the only people affected by the recklessness of a taxi driver. Passengers within the taxi have experienced grievous injury from drivers who went too fast or drove irresponsibly. And, naturally, other drivers in New York City traffic have suffered the effects of cab drivers who took out their anger or aggression on the road, or took too many chances on behalf of a fare who offered extra money for “making it snappy.”

Not all taxi drivers perform their job in this way. But a few irresponsible drivers have built not just a cultural reputation, but an unacceptable standard for roadway behavior.

What You Need to Know

If you live in the state of New York or New Jersey and have been affected by a taxi accident, here is what you should know:

  1. New York is a no-fault insurance state. While medical expenses for injuries inflicted by a taxi cab or car service accident are covered by insurance, victims of such an accident will not automatically be entitled to compensation for other harms and losses, such as pain and suffering, lost wages or decreased quality of life. To seek this compensation, you should speak with an experienced attorney.
  2. As you might imagine, both taxi companies and insurance companies are not eager to compensate victims of a taxi cab injury. What’s more: due to the number of injuries caused by taxi cab drivers, these companies are quite seasoned in defending themselves in court. The answer is to get an equally seasoned attorney who will not only investigate the case, but will involve medical experts to review the case and examine the victim in order to prove that the accident caused the injury.
  3. Not all compensation can be expected from a no-fault claim. A personal injury lawsuit against the cab driver, the taxi company or other responsible parties can sometimes help a victim receive the additional compensation to which they are entitled. By filing a personal injury lawsuit, victims of taxi cab injury may be able to recover from the damage of lost wages or medical bills.

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