Personal Injury

$1,000,000 – Firearms

$1,000,000 – Firearms. A teenager was shot in the eye by a friend who accidentally fired a BB gun. Case was settled for the entire policy limits of his parents’ homeowners insurance policy.

$825,000 – Truck Accident

$825,000 – Truck Accident. Bridge painter was in parked vehicle at construction site which was side swiped by a tractor trailer truck. The truck driver claimed that he skidded on a wet roadway. Our client sustained a torn rotator cuff with two arthroscopic surgeries.

$750,000 – Construction Accident

$750,000 – Construction Accident. Metal worker in a cherry picker located on train platform was caused to fall. Accident occurred when train entering the station was not slowed and vibrations caused the cherry picker to lean. Plaintiff sustained a Lys Franc fracture requiring surgery.

$675,000 – Construction Accident

$675,000 – Construction Accident. Laborer making a delivery was struck in knee by materials which were being lifted by teeth of hydraulic bucket. The belt holding the subject materials slipped off the teeth of the bucket causing the material to fall upon the plaintiff’s knee. Plaintiff underwent multiple reconstructive surgeries to his knee.

$650,000 – Kings County, Construction Accident

$650,000 – Kings County. Construction Accident. Carpenter fell approximately 12 feet down an open and unprotected elevator shaft way door. He sustained a herniated disc and medial meniscus tear. Case settled after jury selection.

$625,000 – Truck Accident

$625,000 – Truck Accident. Plaintiff was a passenger in rear of pick-up truck returning from work. The operator of the vehicle was driving at an excessive rate of speed. While turning onto another street, he hit a bump in the road causing the plaintiff to be ejected. Plaintiff sustained a subdural hematoma with evacuation.

$613,000 – Construction Accident

$613,000 – Construction Accident. Laborer removing materials at a construction site fell through a deteriorating staircase which collapsed underneath him. He sustained partial bilateral tears of the meniscus in each knee.

$564,000 – Construction Accident

$564,000 – Construction Accident. Painter was working on a baker’s scaffold when it began to move. It was not equipped with a wheel lock mechanism and he was not provided a safety harness. As a result, he was caused to fall approximately 10 feet sustaining a closed head injury.

$500,000 – Motor Vehicle Accident

$500,000 – Motor Vehicle Accident. Pedestrian struck by motor vehicle while in cross-walk sustained a fractured ankle requiring surgical intervention.

$500,000 – Truck Accident

$500,000 – Truck Accident. Client was struck by a truck backing-up at a loading dock. Plaintiff worked in the building where the delivery was being made and was walking to an adjacent entryway. She sustained a torn anterior cruciate ligament with arthroscopic surgery.

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