Personal Injury

$5,900,000 – Bronx Automobile Accident Settlement

The plaintiff was a 12 year-old passenger in an automobile involved in a highway accident with a truck. She sustained a spinal cord injury, an L1 and L2 lumbar vertebral fracture dislocation requiring a successful posterior spine fusion and bone graft. The settlement included both a cash payment and structured annuity. This auto accident case … Read more

$4,050,000 – Spinal Cord Injury Due Roadway Injury

Plaintiff was a passenger in a van when the driver of the vehicle lost control, striking a series of fixed objects, due to an improperly designed and constructed roadway. The plaintiff sustained a spinal cord injury and partial paralysis. The settlement included a satisfaction of a $1,550,000 medical lien.

$3,400,000 – Officer Falls Down Stairs, Premises Accident

While effectuating an arrest as a result of a domestic dispute, a police officer was caused to fall down a flight of stairs. She sustained disabling injuries to her back and knees, resulting in multiple surgical procedures. The fall incident occurred in Queens, New York.

$3,120,000 – Construction Accident Caused by Trench Collapse

Laborer was injured in trench collapse as a result of violations of the Industrial Code of the State of New York. The worker sustained crush injuries to his chest, a herniated disc, collapsed lung and psychological injuries. Cases such as these are not uncommon and are often caused by a companie’s lack of safety, training, … Read more

$2,950,000 – Elevator Accident in The Bronx

Client pressed elevator call button and when elevator arrived the shaftway doors opened. He instinctively stepped forward, but there was no elevator present and the plaintiff fell from the first floor onto the safety spring located on the basement floor of the shaftway. He sustained a fractured pelvis, herniated disc and degloving injury to his … Read more

$2,500,000 – Dram Shop/Drunk Driver

Passenger driving with her fiancé sustained multiple fractures to her leg and hip, as well as psychological damages, when a drunk driver crossed into their lane of traffic. Verdict against both the drunk driver and the bar where he was served alcoholic beverages while already intoxicated. Our client’s fiancé was killed in the accident and … Read more

$1,645,000 – Construction Accident

$1,645,000 – Construction Accident. Laborer working on scaffolding which was struck by a truck fell approximately 10 feet. He sustained a spinal fracture which required surgical intervention.

$1,450,000 – Construction Accident Involving Ramp Collapse

$1,450,000 – Construction Accident. Plaintiff was moving a container filled with construction debris on a wooden ramp. The ramp suddenly collapsed beneath him and he sustained back and leg injuries which necessitated surgical intervention. Case settled after selection of a jury with $250,000 of plaintiff’s settlement being structured.

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