Days Before Sandy Hits, Insurer Pulls Flood Insurance

In the wake of a disaster that has destroyed families’ homes and livelihoods, victims have been forced to come to grips with the red tape often put up by unscrupulous insurance companies.

Thomas Sullivan had sent out the check early in the month. The Army Reserve soldier who saved a dozen lives on 9/11 was diligent about paying bills, so he was surprised when his mortgage company called him to say his flood insurance coverage had lapsed. He called his company, Travelers, but was told he’d have to wait 30 days before he could reinstate his policy.

Six days later, Hurricane Sandy hit and his Breezy Point, Queens, home was turned to rubble.

Nothing to Fall Back On

Sullivan trusted Travelers to be there when a major disaster like Hurricane Sandy struck. He diligently made payments on his policy and expected a return on the investment during a vulnerable time. Now he is at the mercy of Travelers to help fix his home, and it’s unclear whether they will step up. The company told the New York Post they were “checking into” the situation.

Insurers face the prospect of replacing tens of billions of dollars of lost property after a major disaster like Hurricane Sandy, and some companies will do anything to cut their losses. And that can sometimes mean unfairly denying or delaying your valid claim or offering you less than you are entitled to under your policy.

Your Policy Came With Rights

The anguish of losing your home, your livelihood or your life’s possessions should be enough. You shouldn’t also have to navigate through red tape with your insurance company to get your valid claim approved–something your provider promised when you purchased your policy.

When an insurer denies your claim, your provider must tell you in writing why your claim was denied and give you appeal options.  Travelers is not the only insurance provider tied to questionable claim denial practices. Other companies have been found to have similar procedures.

Contact Us

You buy insurance for peace of mind. When that insurer fails to hold up their end of the deal, our team at The Oshman Firm will fight for you. And we won’t charge you a dime until you get it. If your insurer has unfairly denied or delayed a claim you submitted to cover losses arising from Hurricane Sandy, contact us for a free consultation.


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