Manhattan Blackout from Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy forever altered the lives of thousands of New York and New Jersey residents. More than 70 people in both states lost their lives to the storm, and countless others were left with destroyed homes, businesses and livelihoods. The human toll aside, the damage to New York and New Jersey totals tens of billions of dollars.

Home and business owners who saw their biggest investment underwater were left at the mercy of their insurance provider to help fix property damage and cover the losses of business interruption. Unfortunately, many insurance providers have been denying valid insurance claims stemming from Sandy for unfair and legally unacceptable reasons.

Ways Insurers Might Try to Deny Your Storm-Related Claim

Whether you’ve filed a claim for property damage caused by Sandy or a business interruption claim to cover the losses incurred by your business, you provider must tell you in writing why your claim was denied and inform you of your appeal options. An insurance company acting in bad faith might offer you less than you are entitled to under your policy or try to deny or delay your claim by:

  •  Requiring you to submit paperwork you already submitted
  •  Demanding unnecessary documentation
  •  Claiming the losses are not covered under your policy when they actually are

When they engage in this sort of behavior, insurance companies are denying you the service you pay for. It is even more unacceptable for them to do so at a time of severe need after a natural disaster of record-setting proportions.

Many insurance providers have been accused by policyholders of denying storm-related claims unfairly. They include:

  •  Chubb Group
  •  The Hartford
  •  Travelers
  •  AIG
  •  Allstate
  •  Ace Group
  •  Progressive
  •  Arch

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If your insurance provider has unfairly denied a claim you submitted to cover the devastating losses caused by Hurricane Sandy, contact us today to discuss your case. Consultations are free. One of our attorneys will outline your legal options and tell you what The Oshman Firm can do to help you seek the funds you deserve from your insurance provider to get your home or business back to what it once was.

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