Couple’s Home is ‘Just Gone’ – and Allstate Offers Just $10,000

When Sheila and Dominic Traina’s home of 34 years in Staten Island was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy, they thought they could turn to their insurance company to come through for them in their time of stress and need. They were wrong.

Allstate, their insurance company, sent the couple a check for just $10,000 to cover their entire destroyed home at 67 Cedar Grove Ave. And then, in another move illustrating the company’s lack of concern, Allstate showcased the couple’s devastated home in a TV commercial touting the company’s service to its policyholders.

Meanwhile, the Trainas, who had been preparing for life in retirement, are living in a basement apartment as they try to get their lives back on track. They haven’t cashed Allstate’s check. Instead, they’ve given it to their attorney as they pursue legal action to get the reimbursement they deserve.

Insurance Companies’ Dishonest Behavior Comes at the Worst Time

While New York and New Jersey residents are still reeling with the effects of Hurricane Sandy, many home and business owners are finding, just as the Trainas did, that their insurance company won’t paying what it should to cover the losses. These people took out their insurance policies with exactly this sort of disaster in mind, and it’s not fair that they are denied the coverage they paid for.

We’re There for Home and Business Owners

At The Oshman Firm, we are committed to helping people whose businesses or homes were destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. If your insurance company is denying a claim they should pay under your policy, or if they offer a lowball figure, we may be able to help you get the reimbursement you deserve. That’s why you bought the policy in the first place. You acted responsibly, and your insurance company should do the same.

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