The National Institutes of Health publication MedlinePlus advises that Meridia patients face a 16-percent higher chance of heart attack. In a controlled study, 11.4 percent of the Meridia weight loss prescription patients suffered heart attacks, stroke or death. The control group rate was only 10 percent. Meridia patients realized a 28 percent higher chance for experiencing a nonfatal heart attack and a 36 percent increased nonfatal stroke risk.

Meridia Lawsuits

One expects high risk to come with high reward. But Meridia patients saw little weight loss benefit from the drug. Meridia’s manufacturer, Abbott Laboratories, appears to be the main benefactor, selling 3 million prescriptions for the dangerous drug.

Meridia Injuries and Side Effects

Although Meridia side effects are usually mild, they can also be quite dangerous, especially in patients with a previous heart condition. Besides the mild side effects of headache, appetite changes, heartburn, dry mouth, constipation, weakness, and back pain, many patients suffered heart attack or stroke as well.

FDA Involvement

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Meridia with what now proves to be incomplete information. The company may have withheld vital documents that might have swayed the FDA to deny the drug’s approval. When the consumer advocacy group Public Citizen uncovered the deceit, it was too late.

Their cries were ignored by the FDA, despite petitions to recall the drug and file criminal charges against Abbot for withholding vital information. Only now that the New England Journal of Medicine has published an independent study that proves the danger that the FDA asked Abbot to withdraw the medication.

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