On March 1, 2006 the results of a Canadian study were released which indicate that the antibiotic TEQUIN caused patients who were prescribed the medication to have a 17 times greater risk of deveoping diabetes. In addition, the study revealed that there was a 4 times greater risk among TEQUIN users of being hospitalized with low blood sugar disorders. The study was based on a comparison with other antibiotics, none of which had the same level of side effects as TEQUIN.

While the entire text of the study will be published in the March 30, 2006 edition of the New England Journal of Medicine, the results were deemed to be so significant and alarming that its findings were released early.

TEQUIN has also been shown to cause side effects such as liver damage, irregular heartbeats, fainting, muscle damage, dizziness and nausea.

TEQUIN, which is also known by its generic name of gatifloxacin, is an antibiotic sold by Bristol-Myers Squib since 1999. It is in a class of antibiotics used for the treatment of bacterial infections, including pneumonia and sexually transmitted diseases, which affect the lungs, sinuses and urinary tract.

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